Our History

Pavarini Legacy in Construction

Our family has worked in construction for over 125 years. Get to know our history.


Pavarini & Greer Contractors and Builders was founded by Isodoro during the 1800’s in Washington D.C.

Isadoro Pavarini


Charles Pavarini (Isodoro’s son), and his son George Pavarini Senior founded Pavarini Constructions Company Inc. in New York.


George Pavarini Senior expanded Pavarini Construction Company Inc. to Puerto Rico.


After joining Pavarini Construction Company Inc. of Puerto Rico in 1984, and following the sale of the company, George Pavarini Junior founded Desarrollos Planificados Inc.


The company name was changed to Pavarini Construction & Development Inc. At this time, Lorena Gil became an associate of the company.


We separated the development business from the construction company and created Pavarini Construction & Development LLC for the construction area.

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