Luma College for Technical Training

Client: LUMA College for Technical Training

Designer: Pavarini Construction Development, LLC

Service Offered: Design Build

Project Location: San Isidro Industrial Park, Canóvanas, PR

Construction Area: 22,874 sq ft

Year Completed: 2023

PCD has been selected to design and build the LUMA College for Technical Training, which will be a training school for LUMA Energy LLC employees. The facility design is complete, and construction is scheduled to begin immediately after approval of construction permits at the San Isidro Industrial Park facility in Canóvanas.

The campus includes three primary buildings. The main building will have classrooms and offices for administrative services. A second structure will have a laboratory that simulates a power distribution network with load banks for practical training for participants. A third structure will serve as a warehouse for equipment and materials in support of the other structures. The training program will be complemented by a practical training area, with power poles, transmission lines, towers and training wells.

The main building is 9,900 square feet that contain 10 offices, two classrooms, a study room, reception, lobby, and student areas. The training laboratory area is 6,400 square feet with a simulated power distribution grid and load banks. The equipment storage building in the complex is a 5,900 square foot warehouse with open areas and uncovered areas. The total project development covers approximately 10 acres.